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Rechtsanwalt Markus Kompa – Fachanwalt für Urheber- und Medienrecht, Köln
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Päckchen für den US-Botschafter


Botschaft der Vereinigten Staaten in Berlin

Ambassador John B. Emerson

Pariser Platz 2, 10117 Berlin


Dear John,

after I learned of this incident, I decided to write to you. Enclosed in this envelope you will find an opened tube of toothpaste with the elmex brand. I would kindly ask you to send them to the inmate Chelsea Manning, who is seated currently in your so-free country like 2% of his compatriots.

Please note that this tube elmex toothpaste is durable at least 30 months. The date of filling can be found in the number sequence on the embossed seam mark, it is in this case, „5063“, which means: Made in 2015, 6th calendar week, Wednesday. To avoid that the expiration date is exceeded by negligence, I have specially sent you an opened, only half-full tube. I will then send in a few weeks once a tube for Mrs Manning and so on.

I put increased emphasis that Mrs Manning has in the 33 years still have good teeth, because I intend to organize a big party for Mrs Manning in 2048. I would like to host Mrs Manning with local specialties that require more healthy teeth, as that is the case in your McDonald’s restaurants.

I am grateful for your support in advance. If you are anywhere near, please feel free to drop by.

Sincerely Yours


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13. August 2015 um 23:13
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